If you’re a teacher, parent, guardian, or child mentor and have ever been inspired by helping a child understand a difficult concept.  

Gotten excited while watching the revelation and pride in their face as they come to realize ‘I get it!’ 

We think you will really love the Knowledgeworks: ImagineFutureEd Competition.  

This online design competition is aimed at helping children to think carefully and creatively about the future of learning.  The competition is open to any U.S.-based young person ages 13-18.

How it works...

KnowledgeWorks will supply five custom (but optional) activities and supporting materials to guide the creation of submissions. Your student can work on their own, or with your support.

Activities include:

  • Activity #1: Exploring Our Future Mindsets
  • Activity #2: Exploring Possibilities for Learning
  • Activity #3: Telling Stories from the Future
  • Activity #4: Reflecting on the Future
  • Extension Activity: Creating Artifacts from the Future

Then students will then submit a story about the future of learning and will have the option of producing an illustration of an object or scene from a future world.

Why we love this event...

Children rarely get the opportunity or respect to design their own educational future and yet we want them to learn how they learn.  This competition has the potential to help your child or children gain insight into what learning means for them and how they can enhance their own learning.

Taking part is easy…

The full set of activities is estimated to take approximately 2.5 hours.

Each of the four core activities and one extension activity can be completed in 45 minutes or less, though you are encouraged to extend activities if possible to allow for more discussion, reflection, and working time.

And there are prizes...

The event is completely free and six submissions will be selected as winners, each winner will receive a prize. One adult facilitator per winner will also receive a prize.

This competition is starting very soon...

The competition will officially kick off in late February. Submissions will be due on the competition website in late March.  Winners will be notified and announced in May, and most submissions will be published in a back-to-school look book in fall of 2017.

To learn more…


If you have additional questions or to receive updates as they become available email