From Idea to Launch...We Accelerate the Building of Your Innovative Charter School.

Starting a Charter School in California is Hard

Where should you locate?  Are there Prop 39 options?  When do you need to submit your petition?  How do you navigate the politics?  How do you write your petition for approval?   How many parents do I need?  Am I being innovative enough?    


Reframe Labs guides you through the COMPLEXITY of launching your innovative Charter school.


The Reframe Solution

As a cohort member, Reframe Labs provides you with expertise & guidance that supercharges your school model design, helps build your board & leadership teams, guides your fundraising, and that helps you navigate the authorization maze.  You will be joined by other innovative school launchers and form a tight support network that continues to work with our experts to navigate around problems and accelerate the development and launch of your school.  

Your program will include:

  • Ongoing direct advice
  • Educational experiences, including school tours
  • In-the-field support with parent recruiting
  • Political introductions
  • Funding acquisition support


Reframe Benefits



Funding is critical to assure you can execute on your vision.  We make introductions & help you get your school's seed funding.


Fewer Problems

You're a start up.  We help you minimize mistakes, get the resources needed to reduce your effort and help you navigate the process.


Faster Launch

Your fellowship is an accelerated program that keeps you focused and saves you from re-inventing the wheel.


Increase Likelihood of Authorization

Reframe Expert Mentors help you write the perfect petition, build a loyal group of families, and connect with key political supporters. 


If you've dreamt about creating a Charter school in california then you have a vision to change the world.  Let us help you turn that vision into reality. 

Contact us to learn more and see if Reframe Labs is right for you.