We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently in everything we do.

We have a dream for a learner-centered public education system in which all children are prepared and excited for their futures, are able to deeply engage in their own communities, their nations, and the world, and are able to fulfill their potential.

Our path to fulfilling this dream is to help leaders change mindsets, challenge assumptions, and bring out their best. Our name—Reframe—communicates a desire to help people look at beliefs, ideas, and relationships in new or different ways, unleashing them to create bolder, more effective solutions.

We believe that during the next 20 years, more may change in our employment landscape and the way we work than has happened in the last 2,000 years. We believe that exponential advances in digital technologies—machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics—and their civic and social implications are among the most important topics in the world right now. The disruptive impacts on global commerce and labor markets raise three important questions:

    1. For what future are we preparing our students?

    2. What skills and behaviors will students need to succeed in this future?

    3. What is the purpose of school in this future?

Today’s learners face an uncertain present and a rapidly changing future that demands far different skills and knowledge than we needed in past decades. In addition to foundational cognitive skills, students will need to increasingly develop emotional intelligence and agency in order to become lifelong learners and creators who can adapt. Having a strong inner self that is resilient, reflective, and able to develop positive connections and relationships will help form a foundation more ready to withstand the forces of change.

In this rapidly changing world, we see a tremendous need to incubate the vanguard of the next generation of public schools that more deliberately focus on these skills, serve as beacons for what is possible, and show the field better ways to design learning experiences that prepare kids for life success. Opening amazing schools remains the most important long-term investment for increasing educational opportunity. Thus, we seek and support pioneers, the very best diverse leaders, to design, launch, and run innovative public schools—creating a powerful community of rebels with a cause who support each other on that journey.

At Reframe Labs, we run a series of staged programs—labs—that prepare aspiring school launchers to design and create breakthrough schools. Every lab is marked by a deep focus on innovation and equity, serving as on-ramps that lead to a fellowship experience complete with coaching, capital, connections, capacity, and advocacy.

Ultimately, we endeavor to drive the creation of better student learning experiences throughout districts in Los Angeles County through dialogue, talent development, and policy advocacy. To accomplish this with credibility, our goal is to train hundreds of leaders and incubate an array of incredible public schools, creating a vibrant education innovation corridor throughout greater Los Angeles. Perhaps our local success will at some point help shape the evolution of new school incubation nationally.

We believe turning our dream into reality is possible with hard work, a no-shortcuts approach, and an inspired community of changemakers working together to shape the world. Join us.