Reframe offers a series of year-round programming that empowers education entrepreneurs to move their dreams from idea to reality.  All of our programs are part-time, offering full-time professionals the opportunity to engage in weekend workshops and virtual coaching.

You do not have to quit your day job to participate in Reframe’s programs.


Beta Lab is the first step in building your school. Beta Lab is a weekend workshop focused on school model design and community engagement. You will be introduced to what it takes to launch a school and be successful. You will also gather feedback from students, parents, peers, and the community to help you move your idea forward. By the end of Beta, you’ll develop a plan for a pop-up school to test your bold ideas. Sign up here: Beta Lab.


Once you have mastered the performance tasks in Beta Lab, you may move on to Delta. Our Delta Lab is an intensive two-month program that supports you to further develop your bold ideas, implement innovative tools, connect with community organizations and run a pop-up school.  In Delta Lab, you’ll have access to coaching from experts and a network of community leaders that will help you refine and implement a prototype of your school model. Delta Lab is by invitation only.


The Reframe Labs Fellowship is a competitive two-year cohort program that empowers you to launch your school quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Throughout the Fellowship, the Reframe team will provide you leadership development training, school model design support, community connections, and full guidance throughout the authorization process. All training and coaching is delivered via weekend workshops, virtual training and individual coaching sessions. Participants will be invited to participate in the Fellowship once they have mastered the performance tasks in Delta Lab.