we offer a series of year-round programS that empower education entrepreneurs to move their dreams from idea to reality.  All of our programs ARE SIDE-HUSTLER-FRIENDLY, offering the opportunity to EXPLORE SCHOOL LAUNCH WITHOUT QUITTING YOUR DAY JOB.


Beta Lab is the first step in building your school. Beta Lab is a weekend workshop focused on issues of race & equity, school model design, and community engagement. You will be introduced to what it takes to launch a school and be successful. You will also gather feedback from students, parents, peers, and neighborhood leaders to help you move your idea forward. By the end of Beta, you’ll develop a plan to pilot your bold ideas and deepen key relationships. Of our 44 Beta Lab alumni over the past year, we're especially proud that 95% are leaders of color or women (with 70% leaders of color)

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Once you have completed the performance tasks in Beta Lab, you'll be invited to Delta Lab. Delta is an intensive three-month program that supports you to establish and deepen your relationships with key community leaders, refine your instructional vision, and ultimately run a pop-up school that yields invaluable feedback on your model. In Delta Lab, you’ll have access to coaching from experts and a network of community leaders that will help you refine and implement a prototype of your school model in your target neighborhood. 


The Reframe Labs Fellowship is a competitive two-year cohort program that empowers you to launch your school quickly, efficiently, and effectively. In the Fellowship, you'll get $50,000 in startup funding, connections to key follow-on funders, leadership development training, school model design support, community connections, and full guidance throughout the authorization process. All training and coaching is delivered via weekend workshops, learning excursions, virtual training and 1:1 coaching sessions. Participants may be invited to participate in the Fellowship once they have completed the performance tasks in Delta Lab.